New Horizon Christian Fellowship
Welcome to our site!

Are you looking for a place were you will be challenged in your faith, have a balanced understanding of GOD's word in the context it was written, and be encouraged to live that out in your contemporary life? Then New Horizon is just what you have been looking for.  No, we aren’t perfect people; we’re real people who have discovered that GOD is real and HE desires to be known.  We are not seeking GOD's plan for our lives, there's a greater plan.  We are looking for where GOD is working and finding relationship with HIM as we work alongside HIM as HE transforms our lives and our community.

Located at:
4537 35th Ave
Meridian, MS 39305

Sunday  Sunday School                   11:00am
Sunday Morning Worship       12:00pm
Wednesday  Bible Study (All Ages)    6:30pm           
Friday Cross Talk                               6:30pm

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